luni, 25 ianuarie 2010

Oh I Wonder ... (made by me )

Witch road will lead me to you
...witch one will give me lust, or love , or power.
I wonder what road will give me success and greatness
Or witch road should I avoid to get some sadness .
Witch one will keep you close to me and not take you away,
I wonder what  should I choose to get and find another way
What path should I follow to get them all together
Or what can I do to make it all better
I wonder what will I do if I choose a bad one
And I find myself with something that cant be undone
Which witch should i avoid
To get a good girl out from this void
Is there any one whom I can ask
I think not ,they are all wearing a mask
Follow you're heart that's what they all say
And most of them often end up as a prey
I don't know witch way to pick
So I'l make my one way starting with a brick
Its hard I feel exhausted
But this way I know its all worth it
So as I come to my endless end in this story
My road is full of glory
Full of happiness and bravery
And what makes me feel great is that I found myself
Leaving my legacy on this shelf

The way to succes .

Destiny by ~xXxyr0n3 on deviantART

Asa vad eu calea spre succes , cu putine indoieli cateva zig-zaguri  , dar pentru mine e dreapta si duce intr-un singur loc. :D

Clã "Golden Skans"